7 Areas that Can Block Your Breakthrough

7 Areas that Can Block Your Breakthrough

Most of time, being healed and delivered comes by a work of process. Although we all crave to experience that moment where something is completely broken off our lives instantly, we must not despise the process. It is through the journey where God loves to grow us in relationship; leading us out of bondage and into the land of freedom.

Because many can often despise the process, we can end up bypassing some very simple, yet profound keys to walking in wholeness, freedom and healing.

Most of being delivered is not complicated, but it is funny how we can often miss these simple precepts.

Here are 7 common blocks that keeps people from being delivered, healed or freed:

1. Not breaking the agreement.

The enemy has access wherever there is agreement. Many will seek to be delivered, yet there is a place where they are in agreement with a way of thinking that keeps the bondage intact. Whatever the bondage is, there is often a place of agreement in our hearts and minds that gives that oppression in our thoughts room to operate.

This is the power of repentance, which breaks agreement with the enemy. When we repent, we are literally turning from a certain way of thinking and moving towards God’s way of thinking. Repentance is a full circle change of breaking the agreement with the enemy and giving God’s thoughts freer access to our being. It also gives us authority to drive out the works of darkness, because we no longer have an contract of agreement anymore.

2. Not dying to an issue.

A stronghold has power in us  when we have not died to a particular issue. Jesus spoke of “dying to self” and “losing ourselves” as a way of showing us that full surrender is the only way to live in the Kingdom. Satan’s desire is to keep things alive in us that are meant to die.

Quite often the enemy has access because we are still alive to something in our desires that we need to be dead to. We can often be prone to fear of what people think because we have not truly died to the critical opinions of man. We may be tormented with a fear of finances because we have not died to the driving desire to have wealth and status. We may struggle with an anger issue because we have not died to the need to defend ourselves all the time. The examples are endless, but when we die to the passions that satan has established in the world, we kill the attraction we can bring to the enemy’s devices.

Where do you need to die more, so that God can resurrect those areas in His design? I have even found that some people struggle with deliverance because they have not had a heart connected born again experience. They said a quick prayer because someone told them to, but not because there was a heart surrender in the person’s heart. When we enter in, we die, so that who God says we are can resurrect.

3. Not experiencing the Father’s love.

The majority of the stronghold’s that people face today stem back to not understanding or experiencing the love of God, especially in who He is as Father. The Bible speaks of God’s love being so powerful that it will even “cast out” fear. (1 John 4:18) This means that a spirit of fear will be cast out simply from a revelation of the love of God coming into a person’s heart and life.

When we do not have a personal experience with love from God, we struggle to love and accept ourselves. We will then continually battle in being able to love others as God designed us to. Wherever love is not present, brokeness resides, giving the enemy access to torment us.

4. Not releasing the burden.

There are many things that we carry in our lives that we should not. The journey of life for most is a lot heavier than it should be, simply because they have not released unto God the issues of life. They are weighed down with stresses, worries and cares that keep them from walking the journey with the greater ease that Jesus spoke of when He said, “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30)

Great deliverance comes when we learn to speak to God about the issues of our life and release the pressure of them onto Him. This is spoken of in many actions, such as, “casting your cares on God” (1 Peter 5:7), “entering in His rest” (Hebrews 4), “be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6) and “do not worry about tomorrow” (Matthew 6:34).

Every day, we must learn to release the issues of life to God, or else we become entangle by our enemy’s attempts to burden us. Not only can we struggle with the daily pressures of life, we will carry the garbage of others upon ourselves. It seems like I watch more and more people carrying the sins and bad decisions of others upon their own shoulders. This position keeps us from rest and gives the enemy room to keep us bound.

5. Not humbling yourself.

God is very generous in giving grace to the humble. But there will be great resistance in heaven if we carry a work of pride, stubbornness or rebellion in our hearts. God says that He “resists the proud” (James 4:6 & 1 Peter 5:5). This shows us that if we have pride in our hearts, we do not have a devil problem, we have a God problem. It is pointless engaging in spiritual warfare to become delivered if we have not learned to humble ourselves and allow God to be the boss of every area of our life.

6. Not being spiritually active.

Many never climb to higher places of spiritual freedom in their life simply because they are spiritually out of shape. Not only does our culture struggle an with obesity issue, we are also bound by a spiritual obesity in our land. We take in a lot of thoughts, teachings and conferences, but we fail in taking daily action for our freedom, so we get spiritually fat.

To ALL believers, God has an action plan to lead you into healing and freedom. But there must be a daily spiritual investment we engage in our daily lives. Many Christians have a very passive approach to their walk, especially because they are used to getting many things without much price being paid. So they think most of heaven will just drop on them with little effort, contending or sacrifice. This passivity has lulled many into a spiritual coma, while the war of the these days takes out many sleepy believers.

No one can want your freedom and healing more than you do. Today may be the day to wake up to God and engage the war that you have been avoiding.

7. Not forgiving.

I find it interesting how believers look at forgiveness as something that is optional, as though we have a say as to whether or not we should forgive someone. God has absolutely laid out a way that all our sins can be forgiven. There is only one “catch” to this; one that many believers forget. You can be cleansed and forgiven of sin. But you must forgive others with the same forgiveness you have been given.

Unforgiveness is the number one block to healing. God plainly says that if we do not forgive others, forgiveness for us will not be given. (Matthew 6:15) This is one of the strongest and sobering teachings you can find in Scripture. Yet when we walk in the delivering power of forgiveness, we gain the blessing of God’s cleansing power over our lives.

Question: Which area do you need to address in your own walk? Which block can be one we can easily fall into?