A View From On High

parachuteA friend of mine recently went parachuting; something I have thought about doing but honestly have not gotten the courage to do. When we spoke about the jump, he told me it’s always tough to approach the open door of the plane and take that first leap, but once he got close to it, he had a sudden rush of adrenaline and “kawabunga duuude :-D”.  He said the wind was very loud during the high speed descent – but then said something else that made me think.
When he got to the correct elevation, he pulled the rope to open the parachute and said it was a unique moment.  The violent descent and strength of the wind hitting his body was replaced with a completely opposite sensation…a calm, and particular sense of control and peace.  The view was spectacular and the fall enjoyable.

Often times, when things are too close to us, we fail to see the bigger picture, don’t we? Standing within one inch of the Mona Lisa, I will only see a blurry representation and just a small portion of the masterpiece.  Step back 10-15 feet and I am able to see the entire picture.

When we fail to see the big picture in the midst of our circumstances, we most likely need to change our perspective, take a few steps back and see the circumstances from a different viewpoint and realize God’s involvement in and through them.
Even in the middle of a storm with the wind raging around us, we can enjoy the calm and have a peaceful descent – if we change our perspective and trust that God is truly in control of our lives.

The Bible states to “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”  Sounds like God was the originator of this idea.  But how do we do that?

Why do we get concerned, fearful, and sometimes determined to do it our way? (at least I do).  I believe one of the big reason is that we like to remain in control. We prefer to be masters of our own destiny, but our choices at times, can be emotionally driven and because we are so close to our issues, our perspective becomes blurred and distorted.  We need to turn the operating control of our lives over to God.  He knows what we need. After all he is God and can handle it. Our need to retain control is often based on fear to let go and fear of disappointment.  Regardless of who may have disappointed us in the past, God will always act for our absolute best interest. The challenge with us is accepting God’s best when it conflicts with our plans for doing our own thing.  Surrender can be difficult, but it is necessary.  Will we relinquish control and let God do His thing?

Changing our perspective is hard work when it entails going against our own desires.  This is an area I have repeatedly failed in because I become emotionally wrapped up with my issues and fail to remain objective and calm – focusing on the real solution vs. my own desires.

So why not try God’s way?  Let’s step up to a higher altitude, change our perspective, stop trying to do it our own way and perhaps in the process, we may enjoy a peaceful descent.  Allow your closeness to God’s view point to determine your response.  You may have heard it said before, “Attitude determines altitude.”

Pray this simple prayer:  “God – help me to raise high above my issues and see things the way you do.  I surrender and relinquish operational control of my life, trusting you know what’s best for me. Amen!”


Davide Colletta

Davide Colletta

Davide was born and raised in Taranto, Italy. He has a background in pastoral and worship ministry and presently works at IBM.

Davide has a unique communication style that has given him a platform in the marketplace to use his “get the job done” skill set.God has instilled in Davide a passion to equip the body of Christ through teaching, mentoring and speaking life through experience and wisdom of years.He is deeply passionate about pursuing and cultivating the presence of God. He currently lives with his wife of 31 years, Lois in Charlotte, NC. They have 3 amazing children with their married spouses.
Davide Colletta

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