The Bible with clarity commands us to “Be alert and pray!”   So why don’t we? Are we afraid to pray prayers God would actually answer? Maybe we doubt the actual power and effectiveness of prayer?

Some time ago I received a text from a friend who told me that he had been asking God to do something very specific in his life and he texted me this: “…what was I thinking? I spent the last 2 hours with God dealing with ‘stuff’.”

In the end my buddy spent some quality time with God. God heard his prayer and the end result was a series of unique revelations about him and things he needed to address in his heart. Not only does God hear, but He also ANSWERS our prayers.

I believe what God reveals, He heals. He does not stop at just hearing our prayers. He goes further to bring healing to our spirits and health to our souls.

There is not a prayer that God does not answer.  We always receive an answer; whether or not it’s the answer we hoped to have…well that’s another story.  Maybe we have prayed for patience and God sent opportunities to exercise patience– not fun. This is the predicament of praying bold and audacious prayers.

The fact that God answers prayer, reveals more of His character, and here are a couple of highlights to share.


Praying is one of the most intimate expressions of our relationship with the Father. Having our prayers answered, therefore, is an honor and it reveals God’s goodness to us. He is not under any obligation to answer our prayers. He does not need recognition for answered prayer nor does his ego require it.  In Jeremiah 33:3, God tells the prophet “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” God gives 100% certainty here, “I will answer you.” That’s not something we commonly hear now a days and there are no conditions or requirements to meet. God ANSWERS because He is good, period.  Psalm 84:11 reminds us that He does not withhold anything good from His children. Thank God for that-I’ll take it!


Grace is God’s unmerited favor toward us. Because we have all sinned and missed the mark, we really do not deserve anything from God. He, however, bypasses the law of retribution and because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, erases our transgressions and ANSWERS our prayers.  Even when we don’t know how to pray or what to pray for, God bridges the gap because of his grace for us.  Matthew 6:7-8 reminds us: “And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words. So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” God is both fully aware and full of grace and when we pray He opens the heavens for us. He knows what we need before we even utter a word. This is God’s grace in action. 


There are no limits to God’s power.When we don’t always receive the answer we desire, we need to review our intentions and realize that our expected outcome may not have lined up with what God foresees for our good.  As I mentioned before, there is no prayer God does not answer – at times His silence or not getting what we want is the answer but receiving what we need is the best answer to our prayer.  There is no shortage of supply with God. But because He is good and gracious that does not mean He is gullible. God will not satisfy our whims but go to the heart, where we truly need to grow and become more like Him. He has our best interest at heart. We do well to believe this and trust his judgment.

In Ephesians 6:18b the words “Be alert” are there for a reason.  We have a real enemy, the devil, who’s intent is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  When we are alert and realize what his schemes are, we can respond with focused and targeted prayers, which he hates.  There is a spiritual dimension, an unseen world, and the devil is the prince of that world. He knows and sees our weaknesses and will scheme to get us discouraged, fearful, bitter, angry, feeling dejected and rejected so he can derail God’s purposes, steal our joy and make us miserable.

Our struggle is never against people, but against the prince of the powers of the air. May God open our eyes to the reality of this spiritual realm and learn to trust that God ANSWERS the prayers of a child who trusts in Him with full abandon.

“Be alert and pray!” 


Davide Colletta

Davide Colletta

Davide was born and raised in Taranto, Italy. He has a background in pastoral and worship ministry and presently works at IBM.

Davide has a unique communication style that has given him a platform in the marketplace to use his “get the job done” skill set.God has instilled in Davide a passion to equip the body of Christ through teaching, mentoring and speaking life through experience and wisdom of years.He is deeply passionate about pursuing and cultivating the presence of God. He currently lives with his wife of 31 years, Lois in Charlotte, NC. They have 3 amazing children with their married spouses.
Davide Colletta

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