Insidious as Snake Venom

snakeMany have a natural dislike for snakes, they are slimy, slithering ugly creatures. My wife hates the site of them to say the least. They are insidious and can tirelessly wait on their prey to destroy them.  There are nearly 3000 snake species in the world, and over 700 of them are venomous. Snake venom spreads very quickly and often leads to death if not quickly treated.

Fear can be coined as a spiritual reptile that is free and roaming at large. Its venom is able to affect and permeate human thinking.  It is like a slow burning poison that is able to consume our thoughts but also can reproduce itself through negative actions or at times lack of action.  Its venom is powerful enough to cripple its host, much like a snake when it bites their victim in a struggle.

Fear is something we all face in various forms.  It is an emotional response to a perceived threat, but spiritually fear is a tool of the devil to render us ineffective.  It is insidious and creeps up on us when we least expect it, leaving lingering effects.

Someone has said fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and that is true. Majority of the things we worry and fear don’t even come to pass, but in the process we have spent emotional energy, and may have receded into isolation and dread.

Jesus made it clear not to worry about tomorrow, because our heavenly Father has our lives in his hands and he cares for us.  (Matthews 6:25-34)

But we fear.  We fear tomorrow, we fear sickness, we fear loss of finances, fear of failure, we fear death and even fear, fear itself.  So why do we fear?

For some, fear is a companion and a place of unusual comfort that we have grown accustomed to.  The victim may enjoy isolation, but also hate the loneliness and the emotional confusion it creates.  It is an unusual dichotomy hard to explain. For others it is a way to “keep control” over their circumstances, trying to stay one step ahead of the next issue, the next action, the next step, all in hopes of reducing the impact of the situation they find themselves in.

  Don’t be afraid, because I am with you.
Don’t be intimidated; I am your God.
I will strengthen you.
I will help you.
I will support you with my victorious right hand.

Isaiah 43:1-2

Fear has a clear spiritual connection as well and cannot only be dealt with emotional responses.  Paul told Timothy that “God has not given us the spirit of fear” therefore, if fear is a spirit, it must be addressed spiritually.  So, when fear and worry come knocking at your door next time, here are some things you can do:

  1. Replace negative thoughts with the promises of God: “Don’t be afraid, because I am with you. Don’t be intimidated; I am your God. I will strengthen you.”
  2. Realize fear is a spirit, and that God did not give it, replace it with what God gives us to replace fear with, which is the rest of the verse mentioned above:  a) Power b) Love c) A sound mind.
  3. Stop listening to and spending time with negative people.
  4. Memorize scriptures, they are the best source to combat the enemy.
  5. Have faith in God, trust Him to take care of you. He loves you!
  6. Find purpose in helping others, great joy results from doing so and soon you realize that you are not alone and that yes, you can make it.
  7. Find time to laugh. One of the devils plots is to take away your joy and cause you to feel hopelessness, lulling you into a spiritual and emotional sleep.

So I say, hope, laugh, enjoy life, live it for God and do not allow fear to become your master.


Davide Colletta

Davide Colletta

Davide was born and raised in Taranto, Italy. He has a background in pastoral and worship ministry and presently works at IBM.

Davide has a unique communication style that has given him a platform in the marketplace to use his “get the job done” skill set.God has instilled in Davide a passion to equip the body of Christ through teaching, mentoring and speaking life through experience and wisdom of years.He is deeply passionate about pursuing and cultivating the presence of God. He currently lives with his wife of 31 years, Lois in Charlotte, NC. They have 3 amazing children with their married spouses.
Davide Colletta

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