My God is Able to…

My God is Able to…

In recent weeks I have felt the enemy attacks and have struggled in personal areas of my life that have affected my view and to some degree my interaction with God.  It is amazing to me, at times, how fickle I can be to allow minor things to impact such a major area of my life.  I comforted myself with the idea that “I am human after all” and that “God knows me and my struggles.” Although I am human and God knows my struggles, this should never become an excuse for allowing the enemy to overtake such an important part of my life.  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I KNOW, and so are you!
Of course I am not advocating perfection and realize that we do fall prey to the enemy. Circumstances and negative feelings can overtake any of us, but we should not let that become an excuse for unwise actions or spiritual laziness.  We can’t plead the fifth here guys!

God is able to shine in the midst of our dark situations.  He can bring clarity to our souls when we acknowledge His presence and become aware of His power and at the same time become aware that He is filled with compassion and tender love for us.

Our struggle here is to find the balance of addressing our humanity but not forgetting the fact that we can call on God who is powerful, caring and near when we call on Him for help.  God is more than going to church, more than lighting a candle and saying a prayer.  He is more than religion, more than rituals or doing penitence.  He is more that a list of dos and the corresponding don’ts.   God, simply put, is all about relationship.

He desires for us to get to know Him yet for some reason I seem to struggle with this simplicity about God the most.  We complicate simple love and devotion with doing things trying to earn His love or we keep God at arms length because we don’t feel He would accept us as we are.

So when I think of God and what He can do for us, here are 10 simple reminders from His Word:

  1. God is able to save us – Hebrews 7:25
  2. God is able to build us up – Acts 20:32
  3. God is able to create something out of nothing – Matthews 3:9
  4. God is able to make His grace abound in us – 2 Corinthians 9:8
  5. God is able to deliver us – Daniel 3:17
  6. God is able to provide a way of escape when tempted – 1 Corinthians 10:13
  7. God is able to fulfill His promises – Romans 4:21
  8. God is able to comfort us – 2 Corinthians 1:4
  9. God is able to do more than I can think – Ephesians 3:20
  10. God is able to love us because He is love – 1 John 4:8

Practical application:
Look at each of the 10 truths, one a day for the next 10 days and read the scriptures next to them.  Think of your situations, your challenges, your trials and see a God who loves you and is willing to meet you all the way and help you overcome.

In a world of uncertainties and insecurities, God IS and we can sleep on that truth!


Davide Colletta

Davide Colletta

Davide was born and raised in Taranto, Italy. He has a background in pastoral and worship ministry and presently works at IBM.

Davide has a unique communication style that has given him a platform in the marketplace to use his “get the job done” skill set.God has instilled in Davide a passion to equip the body of Christ through teaching, mentoring and speaking life through experience and wisdom of years.He is deeply passionate about pursuing and cultivating the presence of God. He currently lives with his wife of 31 years, Lois in Charlotte, NC. They have 3 amazing children with their married spouses.
Davide Colletta

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