The Essence of His Presence

The Essence of His Presence

The noun essence describes “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.”  (  Essence is the nature of a thing that describes its feature. When something is extracted out of a plant or a flower, we extract its essence, such as plant based essential oils or other key properties of plants or flowers.
Essence is also termed as substance, spirit, lifeblood, heart, principle, soul, core.” (Synonyms from

What is the essence of God’s presence?
Why does a mom or dad hold a child even when they are not crying?  We typically don’t do it because we want to work out our biceps and shoulders.  Why do a man or woman get married?  I know I didn’t do it to make friends and enlarge my sphere of influence.
No, we hold our children because we love them. We marry our partner because we love them and choose them.

When you get to the core of who God is, it is there you find the essence of the presence of God.  God is LOVE therefore the essence of HIS presence is LOVE.  It has become somewhat of a cliche – but one of the most powerful truths in the Bible is that God so LOVED the world that He gave His Son Jesus to die so we might live.  God LOVES us as we are. He LOVES to spend time with us, to “hold us” in His arms and tell us He loves us.  That’s who God is, His essence.  As much as a parent likes to hold a child’s face and tells him or her “I love you,” so does God with each and everyone of us.  There are no exceptions, no one too far to be out of His reach or too sinful that God will not love. When we sing, praise and worship our God, His desire is to love on us, as should be our desire to love on Him.  No pressure, no rush. If He would speak to us audibly He would say “child, just sit here and stay with me a little while.”

Our view of God
The way we see God can strengthen our love experience with Him or our view of Him can tarnish and destroy it.  Allow me to explain.  We typically view God through the lens of our earthly father relationship, so, if the relationship was abrasive, strenuous and disconnected we think God will be much the same, sharp, abrasive, impatient and too busy.  But that is not the God I have come to know and that is not what I have experienced in my walk with Him. And that does not have to be your view either.  You can redeem your relationship with God and become closer to Him so He can love you intimately and personally.

When the people of Israel left Egypt, they immediately started complaining.  You remember Charleston Heston, I mean Moses 😉 standing by the Red Sea?  God opened the sea and led them through on dry land.  (If you believe the water was simply low, as some do, then the miracle of the Egyptian army drowning in a few inches of water is even a greater miracle).  Later on, the same people who were delivered complained they had no water, food, etc…and God provided each time.  Does all this sounds familiar? Many of us have a PhD in complaining, but that’s a topic for another time.  Because we have the tendency to complain and gripe, we may feel like we fail God and don’t measure up.  Guess what, we don’t and never will measure up!  God will never bless us based on our performance or socioeconomic status.

“God’s love for us is not based on
our performance and abilities”

Regardless of what the people of Israel did, God always forgave them and accepted their repentance. God protected them from the heat of the desert with a cloud during the day and from the cold at night with a pillar of fire to keep them warm.  God loved them and yearned for a relationship of love with them.  In fact, the people of Israel in the Bible are also called the people of God and since God is love, they are the people of His outpoured love.
God’s heart beats with love for us too.  Aren’t you glad He does not deal with us on the basis of our merit?  When we go to Him in prayer or worship, He does not let us in because we’ve done well the day before and does not leave us out because we have done poorly.
His presence is a free gift birthed out of love and I am so thankful today that the door is open, access has been granted and all you and I have to do is enter in and find pleasure in His presence.

My prayer is that you receive this truth today, that you wish to get closer to God. He said if we “draw close to him, He will draw close to us.”   The words from a Bethel Worship song coins it well. “Draw me a little closer, take me a little deeper. I wanna know your heart, I wanna know your heart.”


Davide Colletta

Davide Colletta

Davide was born and raised in Taranto, Italy. He has a background in pastoral and worship ministry and presently works at IBM.

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