When’s the Right Time to Enter into a Relationship with Christ?

When’s the Right Time to Enter into a Relationship with Christ?

When's the Right Time to Enter into a Relationship with Christ?I read a statement last week that said something like this: One of the problems with humanity is that we have failed to acknowledge, trust and obey God and live in a way that gives Him the place He deserves in our lives. When is the right time to enter into a relationship with Christ?

Although many may consider themselves 'Christian believers', not everyone has given God a key place in their lives. Click To Tweet

Although many may consider themselves ‘Christian believers’, not everyone has given God a key place in their lives. Some may have relegated God to the fringe of their lives believing that a relationship with God is either something needed at the end of life or a fairytale for kids. These thoughts seduce people into believing they are exempt from needing a relationship with Christ, besides, our society does not encourage addressing the spiritual side much, so most just plod along.

The Bible teaches us that when God created man and woman He breathed into them, meaning God gave them a spirit. Our spirit is what connects us to God, however, some try to fill that spiritual void with fun and pleasure, while others do so with financial gain and things.  The truth remains that only God can fill the void. Our existence becomes truly fulfilled when we give God access to our lives on every level.  

So when is it the right time for someone to allow God access to their heart and begin a relationship with Him?

Religious activities won’t satisfy.

A key principle we need to establish is that going to church will not make us thriving believers, no more than sitting in a garage will make us a mechanic. Religious activities, church attendance and charitable giving are good but they will not fill the void in the heart.  Believing they do is like putting the cart before the horse, and that won’t take us very far in our quest to know God and allowing Him to transform our hearts.

Becoming a Christian is more than a mere belief.

Christianity is more than a mental decision or belief in the doctrines of the church. Christianity involves a transformation of the heart. God communicates with us through our human spirit and His desire is to live in our hearts. This may sound weird at first but it’s really not at all. Christ desires to dwell in a heart that is undivided and dedicated to Him. This does not mean we just read the Bible and pray all the time but it does mean that we allow God to be in the drivers’ seat of our lives, giving Him the value and place He deserves. God is more than just an asset we utilize when we need help.  To have a fulfilled relationship with God, we need to give Him our heart, undivided.

Christianity is more than a mental decision or belief in the doctrines of the church. Click To Tweet

Christ paid the price.

Christ gave His life and died on the cross to redeem all people. More than just a historical fact, it is the reality that connects us to God. God sent Jesus into this world to take our place; in theological terms this is called propitiation. You see, we were the ones who deserved to die, because God is holy and demands justice. Justice therefore was served when Christ took our place and suffered a cruel death on a cross for us.  We owe Him our lives and the proper response is to acknowledge and begin a relationship with Him. Because Christ paid the price, we don’t have to.  Penitence or other actions to try and deserve what Jesus did for us are not needed. On the cross before dying, Jesus exclaimed “It is finished.”  The price has been paid.

Because Christ paid the price, we don't have to. Click To Tweet

Don’t make excuses.

When's the right time to enter into a relationship with Christ?One day while Jesus was walking along, a man asked Jesus if he could follow Him. But he then proceeded to ask him to let him go home first and settle some family issues. He was not yet ready to let it all go and follow Jesus because his heart was divided. Another man later asked Jesus if he could follow Him but when Jesus asked him a soul searching question, the young man being wealthy and rich, realized his riches were more vital to his existence. He walked away when Jesus told him to sell what he had to give the poor.

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There will always be something to do to take us away from setting our priorities on God, we’ll always find a reason not to deal with this head on. Excuses will always derail us from doing the right thing.  Changing our position from self-reliance to God-reliance requires faith which is a conviction of the heart. Why not start now, put your faith in God and allow Him to change you from the inside out because tomorrow or later is not promised to us.

Entering into a relationship with God takes a miracle, the miracle of transformation. Christ, the Son of God invites you today to get to know Him.  John 1:12 says: “To all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”  That is a great honor.  Turn to God now, tell Him you need Him and desire to become His son or daughter, and watch the transformation take place.

Pray this simple prayer: “Father I come to you in Jesus name, I ask you to come into my heart and change me from the inside out.  Let the miracle of transformation take place in me.  I repent of my sins and I turn to you for help. I receive you now, in the name of Jesus.”

If you’ve prayed that prayer, write and let us know, we’d love to pray for you.



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Davide Colletta

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